A Different Approach to Procurement

Case Study

It is not uncommon for Trustees to have issues with their Administrators. However, in our experience traditional procurement processes have failed to improve matters for many Trustee Boards. We have created an approach to procurement that ensure that Trustees truly understand what it is that they want from their administrator and they only consider those who can meet these needs. This often results in us recommending they interview some of the less well known providers in the market whilst eliminating some of the well-known names who we know cannot meet their needs.

We ensure that procurement is not just a process; it is a service designed to ensure the best fit of provider and client. This ensures the best chances of a long term, successful relationship.

One example of this is a client who were not happy with the service that they were getting from their incumbent, one of the large TPAs. It became clear that they are looking for a more personalised service than that provider could offer. We worked through an efficient and effective process after which they appointed BBS in Bristol with whom they are (so far) delighted. We were also appointed to manage the transition from their previous providers.

Case StudyLydia Walker