In-house or Outsource?

Case Study

For various reasons the question of whether to insource or outsource services (most often Administration) is back on the Agenda for Trustees and Sponsors. We have worked with a number of clients to help them to address this issue. As with our procurement service our approach is to begin by focussing on what it is that the Trustees, Sponsor and members want and expect. We then look at the actual and perceived strengths and weakness of the current delivery model. Finally we consider any blockages to change, whether these be financial, structural or strategic. Armed with this we are able to use our experience of the market to advise as to the most effective and efficient way of delivering the service. Whilst many see this as a simple case of in-house or outsource, we are increasing finding that some form of co-sourcing is the recommended first step.

Where a decision is taken to outsource we will help to draw up the project plan to do this. Where a decision is made to keep some or all of the services in-house we provide a report looking at how the service can be improved.

Case StudyLydia Walker