Case Study

Neyber was one of our earliest clients and were themselves a ‘start up’ when we initially met them in 2014. They had a disruptive peer to peer financial services solution and wanted our help to:

  • Fine tune the solution and make it ‘stand out’ in the market
  • Understand the UK EB landscape and how their solution should embed within the broader benefits space.
  • Create the operational delivery model
  • Support the technology strategy and roll out to pilot clients.
  • Advise & strategise on how to approach UK firms to create interest in their solution.
  • Form part of the presentation team to investors

We worked with Neyber through 2014 & 2015 and effectively joined its leadership team in readiness for launch. Neyber officially launched in early 2016 and has just recently won the WSB Award for best Benefits Innovation.

Case StudyLydia Walker