Our Services

Cosan Consulting are a specialist employee benefit optimisation business based in Bristol, UK. We assist Employers, Trustees and benefit providers to deliver cost effective, customer focused solutions to employee populations, which enhance their user experience and appreciation of the service. 

Administration Consultancy

We have extensive experience of both the in-house and outsourced administration markets. We advise scheme Sponsors, Trustees and Service Providers on how to address fundamental issues of administration strategy, such as;

  • Is an In-House or Outsourced solution most appropriate and which delivers the best value and service to members?
  • Is your outsource provider delivering value for money ?
  • How should service delivery be measured and benchmarked?
  • What role should member self service play and how can scheme members best engage with this, alongside more traditional methods of communication?
  • Is there a clear roadmap for service delivery in place and how will it be monitored & executed?

Cosan Consulting provide a range of services to help clients address these issues, such as business analysis and requirements gathering, operational design, project management, transition support and provider evaluation. We have a strong, experienced team on hand to assist you and we pro-actively get involved to make things happen. Where there are problems with an existing service provider, we can also help. Our natural inclination is work with providers and clients to help understand issues and resolve them - 'Fix rather than Fire'. We do also provide a ‘lean’ procurement service however, where a move of provider becomes inevitable.

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Governance & Advisory

For some clients, we provide an ongoing level of support services to complement existing in-house and outsourced resources. This typically covers a broad range of pensions & benefits related activities such as;

  • Trustee Board & secretarial support
  • Actuarial & technical consulting support
  • Programme management of de-risking and other major change projects
  • Risk reviews & benefit audits
  • Vendor management and selection services
  • Service / product innovation and growth strategies
  • Client Relationship Management and portfolio diagnostic services
  • MasterTrust provider selection and implementation

Our blend of experience and know-how, make Cosan Consulting an ideal long term partner for clients as well as service providers. Our involvement is practical and effective rather than theoretical. We have grown our business through our track record and are fiercely proud of the reputation we have built to date. Our ethos is that our clients ‘come first’ and it is usual for us to become a trusted partner to our clients over the course of the work that we do.

Financial Engagement

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We recognise with the introduction of pensions freedoms and increased flexibility, changes to the state pension and the ongoing drift from DB to DC provision, there is significantly more choice and complexity facing members of all types of benefits arrangements.  It is also true that whilst pensions savings remain an important, if not the most important source of income in retirement, for many this is not the only source.  

We also see a growing need for Trustees & Sponsors to understand the emerging risks that pensions ‘freedom & choice’ can present in the future. Our view is that these risks cannot be managed by solely focussing on those employees with assets at retirement, but requires a solution that helps to educate and support all employees throughout their careers. 

Our solution achieves this by combining  simple, easy to understand financial engagement modules with a modern flexible technology application. These modules can be targeted to segmented groups of employees on key themes, such as those within a year of retirement, or those saving for pensions for the first time as a result of AutoEnrolment.  They can be delivered in a number of ways, including face to face seminars delivered by qualified Independent Financial Advisers.

Our service is tailored around client’s existing employee benefits package, so that it is relevant to each employee’s personal situation. Sponsors and Trustees also benefit from a risk based management tool that provides a year on year summary of financial engagement interactions across the entire employee population.

For a demonstration of our Employee Financial Engagement Portal please contact us.

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